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Shellac and Gellish Manicures at Glow Spa Tampa
Say hello to the hottest nail product of the century! Both Shellac and Gellish are hybrid gel polishes that last up to 14 days with no chipping, peeling or cracking all while maintaining a mirror finish. Best of all, there's NO drying time! Bye, bye smudges!
Shellac Manicure $55 Pedicure $75
Gellish Manicure $55 Pedicure $75

Benefits of Shellac Nails


For many years, acrylic nails were the go-to way for women to beautify their nails.  Although acrylic nails can lengthen and improve the look of your nails, they are terrible for your natural nails. Before they can be applied, your nails must be filed down. The gel that is applied eventually hardens and forms a fake nail. With repeated applications, acrylic nails can strip your natural nails and damage them. In recent years, however, Creative Nail Design introduced Shellac nail polish, which is an excellent alternative to acrylics.

Shellac is similar to regular nail polish. It hardens over your natural nails, but the main difference between shellac and natural nail polish is its durability. Shellac is much harder and more durable than traditional nail polish. The procedure is a bit different than an ordinary manicure.

Each layer dries under a UV lamp. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete a Shellac manicure.

Let?s take a look at some of the other benefits of Shellac nails.

Long Lasting

With regular nail polish, ? and even acrylic nails ? the polish tends to chip away and fade quickly. In fact, it?s not uncommon to see chipping after just the first day after having a manicure. With Shellac nails, you never have to worry about chipping.

Typically, Shellac polish lasts 14 days. Because of its hard, durable surface, your nails will look just as they did the day you had them done for 14 days. The only reason Shellac nails do not last longer than 14 days is because your natural nail begins to grow back.

As an added bonus, Shellac nails dry quickly. Traditional nail polish dries and sets through evaporation, but Shellac nails set when exposed to UV rays. This means that your nails are completely dry by the time you leave the salon.

Less Damaging

Acrylic nails and even regular nail polish can be damaging to your nails. Shellac nails are not damaging to the nail bed. There is no gel, no drilling and no filing involved. The polish can be removed quickly and will cause no damage to your nails in the process. You can rest assured that you are making a healthier choice for your nails by choosing Shellac.

More Comfortable

Shellac polish is designed for women that are looking to enhance their own nails. The polish is placed over your own natural nails, which makes this manicure more comfortable than acrylics. There is no need to worry about fake acrylic nails breaking off or becoming loose. Shellac nails are far more comfortable and easy to wear.

With acrylic nails, it can be difficult to play sports or even type on a keyboard. Shellac nails eliminate this inconvenience because the polish is applied to your own nails. Because of its thick, hardened surface, Shellac nails look just as beautiful as acrylic nails.

Keep in mind, however, that Shellac nails will not add length to your natural nails. If you are looking to have longer nails, you will still need to stick with acrylic or grow your own nails out. Because Shellac creates a hardened surface, you may find it easier to grow your own nails as they are far less likely to break.

A Beautiful Look

Shellac nails have a natural high gloss shine that looks stunning in any light. Because Shellac is so durable, this glossy look never fades away, and chipping is never experienced. Chipping and fading are two of the biggest frustrations that most women experience when getting a traditional manicure. A Shellac manicure may cost more than a traditional manicure, but the polish?s high durability and resistance to chipping make it well worth the cost.

Shellac polish is also odorless and will not yellow your natural nails. Even after having several treatments, you can have the polish removed in minutes and still enjoy having naturally beautiful and healthy nails.

Easy to Remove

Shellac nail polish takes just minutes to remove, unlike acrylic nails. While you can remove the polish at home, it is far more convenient to have it done at the salon. To remove Shellac polish, 100 percent acetone must be used.

Although Shellac nail polish is relatively new to the market, it has definitely revolutionized the nail industry. No longer do you have to waste money on manicures only to have your polish chip and fade away in just two to three days. With Shellac nails, you can enjoy beautifully manicured nails for 14 straight days without needing touch ups or re-applications. Although Shellac manicures cost more initially, they are far less expensive to maintain and will not cause damage to your nails. This means that you can enjoy a guilt-free, glossy manicure for an entire two weeks.

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