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Prenatal Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal Pregnancy Massage

A beneficial massage for both mother and unborn child during this magical time, this treatment aids in relaxation, improves circulation and diminishes lower back pain. Enjoy a soothing pampering experience all while you indulge in laying on you?re stomach again with the aid of our special maternity pillow system. 

Duration: 60 min $100 | 90 min $145


Benefits of a Prenatal Pregnancy Massage


The body of a pregnant woman will undergo immense changes during the course of her pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant, the body has to adapt to the growth of the child and it is certain that there will be discomfort, tension and pains.

While not every woman will have a horrible pregnancy, almost every woman can benefit from a prenatal massage. These massages ensure that a woman is able to release the tension and stress that they now endure. While a regular massage is great, a prenatal pregnancy massage is even better.

These massages are geared towards pregnant women and have all of the same benefits as a regular massage, but they are tailored to pregnancy needs. In fact, both the mother and unborn child will be able to benefit from this type of massage. The benefits of a prenatal pregnancy massage will include the following:

Symptom Relief

The best benefit to an uncomfortable mother-to-be is that their overall symptoms will be washed away. These everyday symptoms that normally cause a mother to have to take medications will include:

Headaches: Tension and stress lead to headaches. Massage therapists will be able to massage the temporal lobes to ensure that these headaches are completely gone. Studies have shown that mothers will suffer from far fewer migraines following a prenatal massage.

Tension: As mentioned previously, the body is filled with tension and stress during pregnancy. This tension will ultimately lead to discomfort and pains. This tension will be relieved as massaging increases blood flow to tightened areas. Furthermore, toxins and waste are also removed as a result. This leaves the mother and unborn baby feeling much better.

Cramps: Stomach and leg cramps are commonplace during pregnancy. These cramps are horrible to deal with and will ultimately cause many nights of restlessness. Cramping is able to be relieved with a gentle, but firm massage. This leads to an increase in comfort.

Less Pain: Did you know that your body has chemicals that are produced when you are in pain? Massages are able to release these chemicals, better known as serotonin, so that a person?s pain can be alleviated. Even if a mother is not in pain, she will feel an immense difference after a massage.

Better Sleep

Has your doctor advised you that you need to stay in bed or that you need to ensure that you have a good night?s sleep? Most doctors will tell pregnant women that they need to ensure that they sleep well each and every night. This is not just for your health, but for your baby?s health as well.

Massages have been shown to increase a person?s ability to fall into REM sleep. This is when the body will be more adept to healing and is much needed during pregnancy.

Those that are found tossing and turning all night long have noticed that they can sleep the entire night without getting up after a massage. This is a great scenario and one that every mother should take advantage of promptly.


Not every woman handles pregnancy the same way. Oftentimes, the body will begin to suffer from poor blood circulation. This is due to the fact that the body is now responsible for the baby itself. This makes your body work extra hard to pump blood as well as circulate the blood to you and your unborn child.

Massages will help with overall blood flow and circulation issues. A prenatal massage will push blood to vital organs and ensure that there are no obstructions along the way.

A woman that is experiencing cramps or pains will find that this circulation has allowed them to alleviate all of their problems. Circulation issues can also harm the baby and an increase in overall circulation will allow your child to remain health for the duration of the pregnancy.

Decreased Swelling

It is inevitable that swelling will occur. This is going to happen to every woman and most of the time this is due to lack of movement. When pregnant, you simply cannot maintain the same level of mobility in some cases. This will lead to water retention that is not only unsightly, but also causes immense discomfort.

Massages are shown to allow the body to have an easier time discarding this excess water. This will, in turn, ensure that swelling is reduced and that the mother feels better as a result.

The best part about a prenatal pregnancy massage is that the therapist is trained to work specifically with mothers-to-be. When you have a pain or concern, the therapist will know the best technique to help your body reduce pain, swelling and cramping.

It should be noted that most massage therapists will require clearance to massage a woman that is pregnant. If you are having any complications, you should consult with a doctor prior to a massage.

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