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Designed for those individuals wanting to target specific muscle groups. This massage reduces muscle aches and tension while eliminating toxins. 

Duration: 60 min $95 | 90 min $135



Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage

Just like there are different layers of skin, there are different layers of muscles and fascia. These layers are very difficult to reach and are so deep that the average massage will not be able to target them. Since this is the case, a person must undergo what is called a deep tissue massage so that the therapist can pinpoint the underlying muscles.

This works in a natural and pain-free manner wherein slow, but firm strokes are used to massage the deeper tissues. There are a plethora of benefits of a deep tissue massage that go well beyond a normal massage. These benefits include the following:


The relaxation seen after a deep tissue massage is far greater than other massage types. This occurs because a person?s deeper muscles are being worked on. This allows for a much deeper level of relaxation; however, this relaxation will not occur during the massage itself. Oftentimes, many people will feel slight discomfort with this massage style because a lot of pressure needs to be applied. The first few minutes of the massage will take some time to get used to.

Afterwards, a person will notice that they are far more relaxed and that they have less muscle tension.

Lower Blood Pressure

Many studies have been done on why massages, all types of massages, have immediate health benefits to the person being massaged. These studies concluded that during a massage, a person will have their overall blood pressure lowered. Both diastolic and systolic blood pressure are decreased as a result of a massage.

Hormone levels are also known to drop which ultimately lowers a person?s blood pressure. Now, many doctors are advising their clients that have blood pressure issues to visit their massage therapist as a form of alternative treatment.

Increased Mood

Massages allow a person?s hormone levels to increase. These hormones deal directly with stress levels and allow a person to feel happier as a result. As your stress hormones are kept under control, you will also notice that you are less depressed. In fact, deep tissue massages have been used as a form of treatment for depression and work very well.

The next time that you are feeling unhappy or upset, it may be worthwhile to get a massage. This is the friendly and natural way to finally let all of your tension melt away and be a much happier person in the process.

Flexibility and Range of Motion

There are days when you may wake up feeling loose and limber. There are also days when you may wake up feeling tight. The latter will be able to be alleviated through a massage. This occurs because the body has a natural lubrication that can be enhanced through a massage.

Massages elongate and help alleviate tension within the muscles. This also ensures that the muscle is lubricated and that a person feels more limber. An increase in blood flow to the muscle will allow a person to remain injury-free and be more flexible.

Pain Management

Perhaps the biggest benefit to a deep tissue massage is the fact that the deeper layers of muscle are worked on. When a person has an injury or pains, a deep tissue massage will ensure that the pain is targeted.

Massages take numerous approaches to pain alleviation. The body?s serotonin levels are increased during a massage and will be the main cause for pain reduction. As these levels rise, the body will naturally reduce a person?s pain. Since the muscle is being massaged, the tension is lifted and the muscle is stretched in the process.

People with back or knee pains will find that these deep massages can alleviate their pains far better than the likes of medication.

The blood flow increase to the muscle will further alleviate pain and inflammation. This allows for those suffering from chronic pains to finally find a form of relief.

Increased Healing

Many athletes will have a massage done to ensure that their muscles can heal in a timely manner. Not only do bodybuilders get routine massages, but so do athletes involved in physical sports. When soft tissue strains occur, a massage therapist can target these tissues to ensure that they heal faster.

As the therapist is working on the deep tissues, the body will pump more blood to the area and even increase your body?s natural pain reliever ? serotonin. This allows the body to naturally heal itself faster and more efficiently.

If nerve pain is present, this will also be alleviated as well as joint pains and stress. From an injury standpoint, massages are extremely beneficial and one of the most recommended outlets for pain relief, comfort and healing.

Deep tissue massages are the go-to way for a person to ensure that their body?s deep tissues and muscles are worked on. A deep tissue massage once a month will increase blood flow, release stress, relieve anxiety, help a person increase their flexibility and so much more.

You will not be disappointed in the best deep tissue massage in Tampa.

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